Cédric Decoster


Alias: darkfriend77

  • Founder
  • Lead Developer
  • Game Designer
  • API’s

A creative mind when it comes to incent generating ideas, he has been working for over fifteen years as a developer in the financial sector. Càdric gathered a lot of experience in cryptocurrency in the last few years where he was involved in mining operations and hardware development projects. He developed a fully autonomous and transparent blockchain lottery and has been known in the AI research community for being the creator of SabberStone, a complete and accurate hearthstone simulator which is currently used as platform for multiple master works and AI contests in the Artificial Intelligence research.

André Schneider


Alias: metastar77

  • Co-Founder
  • Project Management
  • Game Designer
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX

He is a great organizer working as a product owner in the financial sector makes him a great help in the team when it comes to the questions about what a product needs to be ready for the market. His dedication to games is always present. He brings also a great technical background, when it comes to analytical skills. His sense of order is creating a lot of structure inside the project. Since he has taken control of the agile environment, we have gained transparence and coordinational skills.



  • Rust Developer
  • Mobile Developer


Patrik Bundeli


  • Designer & Illustrator

Patrik has been known for his passion painting masterful toons. He’s not one of big words and he prefers his work to do the talking for him, see

Tim Kramarz


  • 3D/2D/Animation Generalist

Tim is responsible for the realizations of our 3D objects. See his outstanding work on his website

Rene Windegger


  • C# Architecture Consultant

Rene is a Senior Software Architect specializing in full stack development. He collected experience across the whole application stack, from front end to back end in multiple projects. With over fifteen years of IT experience and passion, he is a genius when it comes to reverse engineering and automation concepts. Cédric and Rene have been working together in different projects in their freetime since 2012. His personal website and cv can be looked at here.