Mogwais are based on the Chinese Culture and Mythology. The word Mogwai is the transliteration of the Cantonese word 魔鬼 (Jyutping: mo1 gwai2; Standard Mandarin: 魔鬼; pinyin: móguǐ) meaning “monster”, “evil spirit”, “devil” or “demon”.
Source: Wikipedia

DOT Mog fictional intepretation: Mogwais are a unique species in the universe and little is known about them. According to lore from Chinese mythology, some of them are considered evil beings, but it is believed that this is not true for all of them. By morphing, mating and training them, you have a unique opportunity to learn more about their true nature and explore their essence.

NO! GREMLINS is a reg. Trademark of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
DOT Mog© and all its goods and services are intellectual property of the DOT Mog team and independent works protected by copyright. There is no connection to the hollywood movie Gremlings in any way and is deliberately not intended. Our Mogwais are completely unique creations and differ significantly from those of the film. The DOT Mog theme, stories and overall design is completely new and unique, we invest a lot of time and money to bring our ideas and visions to life, to provide the player with the best possible gaming experience.

We kindly ask our community not to use any elements of the film Gremling in connection with DOT Mog. Especially on social media, please be careful not to use any images from the film. In particular, no memes of the film may be used for posts in connection with DOT Mog.

DOT Mog - The Game

In a first phase, we will launch the game for Android Mobiles, Windows and Linux. Later iOS and macOS.

The game is currently in an early alpha version, but many important basic functionalities are already implemented. The planned release dates can be found in our roadmap.

All Mogwais are NFTs and even more they preserve an intrinsic value of what have been used to play with them. Furthermore, we want to offer NFT’s in the DOT Mog ecosystem and already have many ideas for this feature.

Substrate Blockchain

At a high level, it’s a framework for creating cryptocurrencies and other decentralised systems using the latest research in blockchain technology.

You can think of it as being like Express or another web application framework, but for building distributed or decentralised systems such as cryptocurrencies or a message bus. Just as most web applications shouldn’t need to reimplement their own version of HTTP, we believe that it’s wasted effort for every team creating a new blockchain to have to implement all the networking and consensus code from scratch. Not to mention the cryptographers, security researchers, networking engineers, devops personnel (to coordinate updates) and so on that would need to be hired and paid for when really your business logic is your product.
Source/further information: https://www.parity.io/what-is-substrate/

We have been working on the World of Mogwais for a long time gaining experience in technology and game design, we were stopped by the limitations of the technology we were using, problems like freezing chains due to hash power spikes or no available storage made our lives hard. Just when we were giving up, we learned about substrate, so we dug into it and started to work on migrating and transforming our project into this new world of 3 sec block times and responsive storage access.

Substrate allows users to access ready-made blockchain solutions. This means that a completely new system does not have to be set up for every new project, instead, all the basics are already included in the tool and are available to users. In particular, the development time for cryptographs, security systems and network technologies can be saved by using Substrate, as the system already offers corresponding solutions. Secure transactions in a high-performance network are also essential for a gaming backbone.


Pallets are a special kind of Rust module from which Substrate runtimes can be composed. Each pallet has its own discrete logic which can modify the features and functionality of your blockchain’s state transition function.

For example, the Balances pallet, which is included in the Framework for Runtime Aggregation of Modularised Entities (FRAME), defines a cryptocurrency for your blockchain. More specifically, it defines storage items which tracks the tokens a user has, functions that users can call to transfer and manage those tokens, APIs which allow other modules to burn or mint those tokens, and hooks which allow other modules to trigger functions when a user’s balance changes.
Source: https://substrate.dev/docs/en/knowledgebase/runtime/pallets

For the DOT Mog Game, we have implemented our own specific pallet which contains the logic and functionality and runs on any Substrate blockchain.

Mogwai Coin - World of Mogwais (WoM)

Mogwai Coin is an experimental blockchain project, driven by the idea of adding gamification to the blockchain technology. Beeing forked of Dash an adaptive and cutting-edge cryptocurrency of the twenty-first century, we can offer solid features like masternode-technology, near-instant and secure payments, anonymous transaction and last but not least gamification elements for the community. One of the main goals of
Mogwai Coin is to lower the hurdles for mainstream adaptation of blockchain projects by creating new incents with interaction and gamification elements, paired with a wide disposability on mobile devices and personal computers.
Source: https://www.mogwaicoin.org/

Mogwai Coin was our first blockchain gamification project and the very foundation  for DOT Mog.

The World of Mogwai is a Blockchain based Game where you interact with Mogwais. Its concept is based on popular role playing games and will include some features as found in trading card games. The story about “The World of Mogwais” is based on a cultural background in Asia. However, the story and the interpretation we are following is not limited to these universes. It involves
creative ideas and fictional realities without any relation to culture or religious backgrounds.

Word of Mogwais was our first blockchain gamification project and the very foundation  for DOT Mog.