Substrate Gamification

DOT Mog, a Substrate based Unity3D Game - Immerse yourself in the futuristic universe of the Mogwais. Lead them to glory and honor. Experience epic and thrilling adventures & duels. Explore the infinite universe & mysteries.

As probably the first substrate based Unity3D game using our open-sourced SubstrateNetApi, we bring the functionalities and benefits of this promising technology to a broad audience in a playful and immersive way.

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Status: Pre Alpha

DOT Mog Game
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Stay tuned for the Alpha Releases and create your own Mogwais! Get news first hand in our DISCORD and TELEGRAM group and share your experiences with the growing Mogwai community…

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Create your own unique Mogwais based on the highly sophisticated Paring DNA Algorithmus.


Prepare your Mogwai and fight in the Arena against other Mogwais from all over the world and achieve glory and honour.

Move up to master leagues and compete with the best.


Travel with interstellar spaceships into the vastness of space to unexplored and mythical places and experience exciting and challenging adventures.



Learn the language of the Mogwais and respond optimally to their needs and gain a competitive advantage.

Non-Fungible Tokens

NFT’s are cryptocurrency token which are indivisible and unique. They are used when virtual goods are collected and traded as unique objects. Trade Mogwais and their precious goods and become a fortuned merchant.


The self-developed SubstrateNetApi allows for the first time full Substrate integration in Unity 3D for game development. Substrate provides the backbone which empowers the whole game. We Benefit from the full stack of substrates blockchain technology.

Game Features


The Mogwai

Mogwais are a unique species in the universe and little is known about them. According to lore from Chinese mythology, some of them are considered evil beings, but it is believed that this is not true for all of them. By morphing, mating and training them, you have a unique opportunity to learn more about their true nature and explore their essence.

If the Mogwai Egg is lovingly cared for and nurtured, one has the unique opportunity to turn their fundamentally evil nature to the positive and transform them into a buddy-like creature.

Mogwais hoard their precious belongings and once their soul leaves their body owners can claim their  accumulated wealth.

In their early juvenile stage, the young Mogwais must prove themselves in epic duels against other Mogwais around the universe, constantly evolving. Every mogwai has an intrinsic motivation from birth to be the best. Therefore, it is not surprising that duels against other Mogwais are one of the Mogwais main occupations.



In traditional duels, they fight for glory and honor with the most modern weapons. In battle, they will use any means to gain a competitive advantage. They optimize and strengthen their basic abilities by means of augmentation or cyborg equipment, which can be bought in the built-in auction house. Mogwais also earn equipment in duels and adventures.


Interstellar Travel

In search of artifacts that will give them an advantage in battle, the Mogwais travel with interstellar spaceships into the vastness of space to unexplored and mythical places. In these long-forgotten places, exciting and challenging adventures await the Mogwais, in which they strive for valuable and rare items.

First, however, they must fight heroically and courageously against monsters of all kinds, who use natural and supernatural means, as well as highly developed technologies, to fight the Mogwais with all their might.


Unique Communication

The Mogwai expresses itself through the Indicator device, which renders the Mogwais language, incomprehensible to other species, in a unique visual form. Researchers worldwide have not been able so far, to correctly interpret the Mogwais mode of expression due to the large number of combinations and lack of research material.

Indicator Device

Now it’s up to the player to join forces with other players to analyze and finally understand the Mogwais’ language. Only those players who can respond to the needs of their Mogwais will be able to breed the ultimate Mogwais.


Breed the ultimative Mogwai

Before the Mogwai can ascend to the exalted sages, he must prove himself in a final mission. In this highly anticipated event, the bravest and most courageous among them are given the rare chance to ascend to the ranks of the sages and enjoy a kind of divine status there.

… book of mogwais III.E

Unique Technical Base

Blockchain based
> Backend

The backend of the game is entirely based on a Substrate blockchain, on which the DOT Mog pallet runs. Pallets are a special kind of Rust module from which Substrate runtimes can be composed. Each pallet has its own discrete logic which can modify the features and functionality of the blockchain’s state transition function. The DOT Mog pallet offers functions like create/removeMogwai, DuelMogwai, BuyItem etc. Any information of the game is persisted in blocks on the blockchain.

DOTMogClient (Game)
> Frontend

The presentation logic of the game is implemented in Unity 3D. The frontend consists of the following components: SubstrateNetApi, StreamJsonRPC and the game engine DOTMogCore. The SubstrateNetApi .NET Standard API (nuget), is the first API of its kind to enable full substrate integration in Unity 3D for game development. The API is developed and maintained by Cédric Decoster from the DOT Mog Team. SubstrateNetApi is officially listed on Substrate Developer HubThe SubstrateNetApi allows so called extrinsics via JSON RPC on the substrate blockchain. An extrinsic is a piece of information that comes from outside the chain and is included in a block.

Paring DNA
> Algorithmus

DNA doppelhelix

Pairing Mogwais is a delicate genetic miracle, however the voodoo behind it might be not so unpredictable as it seems in the begining. Each Mogwai has two genetic parts inherited from his parents, but only one of each is active, there is a major chance that one of the two active parts from each parent is accepted or even enhanced, but there is also a minor chance for an uncontrolled mutation. Parents can pass on four combination with one fragment of each parent mogwai. Which fragments they pass on to their successor depends on the actual moon phase they pair.

Interchain Operability

Each chain represents its own universe in the game, with specific characteristics and life forms. For this, the DOT Mog pallet must run on the respective chain. With this functionality, we can enhance the game experience and at the same time enrich the underlying chain with a playful component.

On this basis, a variety of new playful components can be offered on an ongoing basis. The DOT Mog universe is thus constantly expanding and new features are being implemented.

Interchain Operability


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